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Countryside Playschool week 2 of short session 3!

Flash got to help today!  He's been wanting to come check it out, and it's always great to have extra hands :0)  LG was planning to be back but has been feeling a bit under the weather....better now though I think!
Gigi, Tweeters & Mandolin all dressed up!

Tweeters working on her stained glass

Here it is!

"Can I take your order?"

Our lovely tree - thank you HB!

Buffet turkey sandwiches for lunch today :0)

HB helping Rachel finish her hand sewn mitten

everyone really got into dragging these big fallen branches into the creekbed!

home made fun - who needs a commercial teeter totter??  They did this for like 20 minutes & we even talked a bit about the fulcrum & how many it was taking to balance out even a small person on the other end ;0)  That's Tweeters in the middle

snowing cattails

Silas's baby brother....oh so CUTE!!!!

Silas & Ruth with new baby bro!


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