Spontaneous art....

Some of my goofy babies!

art can happen anywhere :0)

Flash & his pal won a gingerbread making contest at the library - this is what's left of it ;0)  It was a model of the library! (those chex mix are books on shelves)

Tweeters took some of Flash's library apart & remade it into her own house - no they couldn't eat it 'cause the candy & icing & everything is like 3 years old!

Body tracing - love this huge paper!  We also made a skeleton from a human body book & talked about the names of all the bones...my favorites are still the "feely philanges" - thank you mom for spending so much time helping me to remember all of those bones!!!

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Most of our art lately has been unplanned - been trying to clean out again & have an entire shelf devoted to art supplies - nearly finished.
After watching Tarzan, Tweeters drew this - Kerchak the gorilla is on the left, saying "Y R NT M S" which is "You Are Not My Son" (because of course, Tarzan is a person, not a gorilla, but it's not very nice to say).  The gorilla on the right is the gorilla mom who adopts Tarzan - she is saying "HE E M SN" which is "He Is My Son!".  Tarzan is in the middle crouching down like a gorilla, but it's a bit light so you can't really see. 

Here's a wee sprite cutting out pics to add to her snowman picture - I think the snowman ended up w/ very shiny model hair & some Mabeline lips ;0)


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