I was busy doing something last week & the littles got hungry....they got out their own tea set & found some food & did a great job helping themselves!

mmm-mmm roasted root vegetables!  Thank you Tami for blessing us with this awesome recipe ;0)

Ok, this looks nasty - but it's the beginning of some amazing homemade Larabars!!  Flash is getting pretty good at pairing various spices together & these are oh so yummy....a labor of love!

Here they are all laid out & ready to EAT!

Ok, not food for us, but we made these at Countryside Playschool on our last day & the birds gobbled it up...they are pine cones smeared with peanut butter & rolled in birdseed.

Snow ice cream - so easy but ya gotta go easy - it'll give you a brain freeze if you eat it too fast!


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