Thanksgiving at Gma & Gpa L's!

Tweeters helped Gma L decorate her mailbox!
Uncle Bill, Flash, Gma L & Uncle Vaughn

friend Judy, Casey, Jew Baby, Aunt Bink, Uncle Bill

Gpa L, Uncle Scott, cousin Daniel, Charise, Papa J

Mama J (me!) & cousin Scott - who is assaulting me with a shrimp!  Funny, cause he's a police officer!

Ahhh, relaxing chairs!  Gpa L & Uncle Scott

playing dreidel !

Jam, Gpa L & Papa J looking at something interesting

Oh!  The funnies! 

sneak attack

"no take-a picture!"

visiting some friends & their guinea pigs :0)

Hammin' it up - Flash bought a mustache for Jam!

the walking trail down the street from Gma & Gpa's house

ahhhh - warmer weather, sunshine, and the great outdoors!

funny long shadows....

Tweeters loves the blue sky

Tweeters is learning to take some pretty decent pics!

she did this one, too

feeling right at home out in the woods

some of the puddles in the creek bed still had ice

perfect for leaf soup!
Jam fell in that puddle shortly after I took this picture, so it was time to head back anyway ;0)  We also saw 4 deer on the ridge right above us but couldn't get a picture quick enough!  It was a great visit!