Blankie peg people; fun & games

the mommies are making lunch

thrift store find - knick knack shelf shaped like a barn - perfect house!

I think I understand how to play - but I'm still clueless as to why it's supposed to be a fun game?  Glad it was just $1 at the thrift for sorting & patterning though!

A little limbo - music included ;0)  Had to watch the clip from Moonlighting where Bruce Willis has the whole office doing the limbo while Cybil Shepard is gone!  "You be limbo star!  How low can you go??!"

Honey Bunches showing Jam how to play memory...

I don't think he really got it, but we'll try again soon!

A great pretend game going here - Tweeters was the RV driver & sat on the green tub.  Can you Jam laying down on the table back there?  That's his bed, and hers is on the blue blanket on the tub behind the green one.  She's giving me quite a look for interrupting their play!