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Math & Music

Playing with the 1's family - also some writing at the top ;0)

Tweeters wanted everything set up so she could work on it during naptime if she didn't fall asleep!

Cardinals stand out so well in the winter - this is kind of random for this post, but maybe I can label it music :0)

Anyone remember Tom T. Hall?  Sneaky Snake?  I made a cassette tape of my old record years ago & kept the booklet that came with it ;0)  One of our all time favorites!

Auntie Linda gave us a CD of Peter & the Wolf - and today Tweeters wanted to do an old "Brighter Vision Learning Adventures" workbook on music (loved those things with HB & Flash - too bad they're out of business).  Anyway, these little figures were in there so we got them out & acted out the story while we listened to the music!  Thank you Linda!


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