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A former playschool student gets a hand at being a teacher!

LG, who is now 13, started at Rock Bridge Playschool over 10 years ago!  She was a delight as a preschooler & now we get to see her again helping out at Countryside Playschool :0)

Honey Bunches, Tweeters, & LG painting a tree on our wall

soaking watercolor paper leaves for wet on wet painting

Jam - gotta cover that whole paper with paint!

LG helping Zach D. write what he is thankful for

squishing up some playdough!

Jam setting up the blocks...

finished tree

playdough volcano with dinosaurs

So funny to see one of my former students reading to one of my OWN preschoolers!

Gigi & Tweeters really got into drawing using a step by step drawing book - did a great job!


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