Yesterday before we went outside I made butter - we had cream that had been waiting for about a week to be made into something.  I LOVE our own butter, but I use the blender so it is very loud.  A hand churn would be so much quieter, but I don't have an hour to do that!!  So I put off the noisy job til I can't wait another day....
on the left is some butter still in the blender & the left over buttermilk, right is what I've taken out so far.  I push it up against the sides to get out the buttermilk, then rinse w/ cold water, squeeze again, salt, & pop into a little container.
Oh, yeah!  Today we picked another big batch of blackberries, and came right in to make southern blackberry cobbler with Breyers vanilla ice cream!  This was lunch!!  Tweeters made the cobbler & Jam snuck the sugar & berries.

What a treat!

Ok, we also had corn on the cob from our garden, with lots of butter & salt ;0)  Hey, see the chair Jam is sitting in??  I found that at a thrift store for $10 - one of those old Cosco tall children's chairs!
Weekly granola (front) & yogurt (back)