Birthday Boy!

Not a big party, but a fun, relaxing day :0)  Grandma & Grandpa L came, and later a 'big boy' friend with the same birth date!  He shared the cake - that's why there's a groovy 18 in roman numerals behind the 3 candles!

Jam woke up to 3 of everything!  3 balloons, books about things in 3's, 3 kisses & hugs!

 what to do with your trampoline net when it starts falling apart....tie up your baby brother!

Jam loved unwrapping his present - a big workbench!  A great thrift store find, with all the pieces still intact!

The cake for Jam & "Charlie" - it is my favorite: chocolate chip cake with cinnamon sugar on top!  I got the recipe from a lady I cleaned house for back in my college days.

Papa J loves to sing opera with me ;0)

"Charlie" brought Jam one of his old matchbox cars, so of course that took center stage over the workbench!  He loves his cars & Charlie knows just what he likes ;0)

Some of my Waldorks

Gma L reading Jam's card!

One of his books - he colored all the vehicles in it in the first 2 days!  Now to go back & color the dinosaurs!  He covers the whole page with color - sometimes just one color & sometimes several different. He doesn't seem to prefer markers or crayons at this point, just getting that color everywhere!  Thank you Gma & Gpa L!

Tweeters worked on her fun sticker book from Gma & Gpa L - I have actually been very impressed with the learning activities in this one :0)
My girlies

My 'other' Zach....we may have anywhere between 4-10 children here on any given day - this one is 'Charlie's' brother, but to mine, a brother from another mother!  He'd been building a retaining wall all day & was sooo tired!