A few painting pics n art

We enjoy a wide variety of painting around here, so when our neighbor came by to ask if wanted to try out their homemade finger paint, we finished dinner speedy quick & ran over.  JN is 4 & it is so fun to have a little neighbor close to our little one's ages!  He also has a new baby brother, so of course I had to hold him when he woke up from his nap :0)
"my hands are on fire"!

Tweeters has been at this stage for awhile now: blue sky across the top, green grass along the bottom, with figures coming closer to earth instead of floating.  Just finished reading the chapter on art in 'Heaven on Earth' so I guess I'm more observant of it today.
painting with cars

HB did an art class with a family of girls last week & she wanted to try it with Tweeters...she used shrinky dink paper to trace a profile picture on her ipod (see her below).  Then they colored them in w/ sharpies (her fav. art medium!) & shrunk them up.  Voila!  Little cameo necklaces!