Sciency projects

We started sprouting beans & peas this week, and Tweeters is going to draw what they look like every week for 6 weeks.  We already do this in the garden & when we sprout alfalfa seeds, but she'll be able to see the roots better & experience drawing them.  Jam is along for the ride ;0)
We discovered SO much life in our 'One Small Square' of the lake!  Mostly baby mosquitoes, but also snails, nymphs of every shape, and caddisflies!
It grosses Papa J to have these things on the dinner table - but it's such a good place for observation & discussion!

we took out the caddisfly & put him in his own little bowl - then we poked him out & took away his casing!  We added glitter & tiny hearts for him to use in remaking his case, and he used the glitter!  He was so lovely when we put him back in the lake this morning - all his friends will be admiring his gorgeous decorations!  Or, saying, "Groovy man!" (quote from Tweeters)

The directions we followed for doing the caddisfly thing - from the book 'Fresh Water Life'


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