Art Faire

Over the weekend we attended an art faire in a nearby town.  We brought along Grandma & Grandpa & had a blast!  Jam just wanted to play in the fountain & eat, but Tweeters soaked up the art like her big sis.  Last year Flash ran a food booth with his chef pal but since they have a new baby they didn't do it this summer.  Honey Bunches plans to do a henna tattoo & renaissance-type booth next year!  And she just told me she got a job at a tattoo parlor doing henna!!!  Ack!! 
Yep, painting a...rock

this was cool - screen printing a turtle onto a bag - for FREE!

pottery wheel 101 - what awesome volunteers!!

Grandma enjoying the gorgeous day!

Jam's artful contribution

Dolcimer guy was great - played Twinkle Little Star just for Tweeters & Jam

Grandpa added his artistic talents with a piece entitled "Kilroy was here" ;0)  Do you know the 'rest of the story'?  You should look up where that came from - great story!


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