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"I just want Blankies!"

Blankies.  As in people with no faces, not the warm & fuzzy thing the baby sleeps with.  Is this weird??  I bought a big pack of wooden peg dolls to paint for our Godly Play boxes, and when I started telling Tweeters the plan & asking her what colors to make their clothing, etc., she said she wanted them to stay plain!

Here are the 'blankies" huddled together - I think they are afraid of the dinosaurs lurking nearby....
So I was also just reading about Steiner & the Waldorf idea of people/dolls not having expressions, or even just blank faces.  This way, the child can give the doll any emotion - especially since those dolls often express that very child's own emotions.  If the doll always looks happy, how weird would that be if the child wants to pretend there are dinosaurs with big teeth coming to eat them??!!  So much for my creative outlet in painting peg people (for now)...but felting is still in the works because a nice amish lady sold a bunch of clean wool to me this to find some clean looking used dog brushes to card it all out......


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