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August Update 2014

Honey Bunches is back!!

Sunflower house

Part of a morning's pickin's - the tomato on the far left was attacked by Jam - ate it like an apple!

Cucumber tunnel

Sweet potato & pole bean tower

Weird but delicious tomato duck

Wheat grass at Hyvee: $19.99 per oz.....homegrown, dried, & crushed for use in smoothies: priceless (ok about a quarter....)

Tweeters drawing outside at Gma & Gpa L's

Why are my children so weird??  Get it honest I guess??!

Flash at the water park - Gma & Gpa L treated us to a great summer get-away!!  SO fun!!

HB, Jam & Gpa chillin' in the hot tub

Papa J & Jam trying to squirt the girls

Sneakin' a snuggle on our deck ;0)

The lovely Gma L looking awesome in pink!

Late night ice cream!

Tweeters & Jam loved the outdoor water slide, too!

Picasso tiles are still a daily hit here

HB lovin' on Papa J (yes! he did give her a piggy back ride!)

One of my boys - ZK - playing pony for the littles

Finally, a haircut!  Thank you Cory!!

HB perfects another talent...

Countryside Playschool play day with lots of new friends

Jam's birthday betta fell in love with a visitor from the lake...

Jam is becoming quite the artist, inspired by what else?  Trains.


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