April 2014

A very large pile of dirty raw wool!

All clean :0)

Trying my hand at spinning with a drop spindle - love it!

April Fools Day group class

Hi pretty girlie!

Still looking pretty wintery

Ordering colors at Countryside Playschool

Smoothies in our tiny Starbucks cups!!!!

Rainy day, perfect for a rain walk

Passover at Uncle J's church

Flash loving the dress ups at Countryside, ha ha!

Mud play

Tweeter's 6th birthday!  All our Countryside friends went to the park to celebrate :0)

Nice faces, guys!  Cousin MJ w/ Flash at Passover

Yeah!  Jam is starting to make people!

Mirror & water bead play

First potholder!

One of my boys, "Charlie" gave us a fabulous private concert!

Bible inspiration by Tweeters

And, Honey Bunches is home!!!!  Took the long way, through Montana, but home :0)

Sooo much happiness!!!!