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March 2014

Ok, so this has a lot of pictures!  It is August & I am catching up from February so each post is one month that I have missed....enjoy :0)

Honey Bunches was still in New Zealand, climbing mountains!

The rest of us went to Florida - here is Flash & Gma L cuttin' a rug at the Irish Festival!

Even Tweeters got a private lesson...

Wow, Papa J & I got to go out for dinner & this amazing dessert!

Flash relaxes while Jam plays in the sand

Me learning to knit!  Thank you HB!

Went for a boatride to this awesome spot - they played on this tree for so long...

The Garys & Gpa L living the easy life!

My sweet honey baby

Gpa & Gma L lookin' great!

Tweeter's first DQ dipped cone - she didn't really care for it!

Jam getting eaten by a t-rex head

Josie tempting the gator

A REAL baby alligator on Jam's lap!!

Yep, we still look pretty good, don't we?  Love this picture.

Cookin' w/ Gma

I told lots & lots of stories while drawing the picture to go with it...Jam especially loves this

First (& last!) cotton candy

Flash's surprise 18th birthday w/ a bunch of big & little friends - lots of sword fighting, light saber fighting, & shooting each other

Making fairies like big sis

We had a sheep for a week!

And helped w/ the shearing this year....lots of lovely wool to work with!

Mixing colors at Countryside Playschool

Me, loving the peace & quiet on our 40 acres

Helping Papa J build fences in the orchard

Tracing shadows in the early morning spring sunshine, so lovely

More hiking!

HB with her adopted brothers

I think this is elvish...HB is really into henna these days

HB taught some art classes while in NZ


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