May update 2014

HB & Flash played at this same tree when they were younger!  It's a bit more like dirt these days....

We found quite a few morels this year - not telling where!

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Tweeter's birthday bunny - got him at the Humane Society - he was a stray!!!  So much like Softie....

Lots of mud play at Countryside Playschool....there's Tweeters in the top left corner, blue skirt

A head in the sand!!

Another head in the sand!  Who keeps leaving these things lying around??!

Papa J showing the boys how it's done

His Holy Church spring gathering - some of the youth

Flash tries his hand w/ the axe as the tweens look on ;0)

One of my boys w/ his artwork - we'll call him "Charlie"

Tweeter's violin class

Almost warm enough to swim!


Bruce & Hank hitch a ride from their girlfriend's house

Park by the river, such a perfect spring day!

The view in my rearview mirrow...

Watching the train - SO close

Our Z friends :0)

Making a skeleton from old beads & wire

"Charlie" sharing some of his souveniers from D.C.


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