Gourd dollhouse

Dan Dan the Apple Man gave us a gourd last week - it's been sitting in a bin of other webby gourds for awhile now!  It caught my eye after seeing an awesome tutorial on how to turn them into houses.  So we tried it & it was super easy.  Jenga blocks work great for peg people beds, by the way ;0)
First we cut a door & windows (I just used a steak knife).  Then we scraped out all the old dried goo inside & saved the seeds to plant our own next year (the dogs ate the dried goo?  weird).  Then we cut windows, sanded them & the inside, painted the inside & voila!  A lovely little home.  Now I need to make another, because both Tweeters & Jam want it....see next post!  Here's the link to the tutorial I used: http://bitterbettyindustries.blogspot.com/2008/09/gourd-dollhouse-tutorial.html


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