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More handmade dollhouses

Another nifty tutorial showed us an easy peasy portable dollhouse - so we just whipped one right up ;0)  First I sketched it out on heavy cardboard, then cut it out.  Tweeters & Jam played w/ the cardboard version all day, then that evening Tweeters traced it onto some thin underlayment (for flooring) that we found Grandpa J's house.  She & Jam stood on it for Papa J while he cut it out, then we all took turns sanding the cuts to make them smooth.  The little dremel tool was handy for this & a bit faster, but I still like old fashioned sand paper!  It slides together & you're ready to play - slide it apart & take it with you in a little baggie for church or quiet times.  Here is a link to the tutorial:

cardboard model

helping Papa J cut out the wooden version

wooden one in action

paper prototype for 6 room house

Lots of fun pretend play!


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