October 2014

Ben's creations get more & more elaborate!

Little brothers are great for hugs, even if they are a foot taller than you are ;0)

The candles Tweeters & Jam made at the Heritage Festival!

Ben started really getting into writing letters this month - so exciting :0)

Good friends all grown up!  We were the "Clarvis's" for a long time!

Of course, little brothers are also good for wrestling matches....Honey bunches & Flash are experts!

Water color in the park

Mama J & Jam

Tweeters putting a clover flower necklace on me :0)

Tweeters showing Jam how to make flower necklaces


Tweeters at Countryside Playschool, telling about the digestive system ;0)

Jam also started drawing very identifiable pictures this month

Ezra & Ben making black playdough!

Gma & Gpa's new house is just down the street!  Papa J & Flash helped build the whole garage!!

Lovin' the dirt

Papa J & Gpa L on the roof - ack!

MJ, ZK, Flash & Papa J got to go to an awesome Cards game!!

Tweeters had the best sweet potato harvest yet this year :0)  She's been doing these since she was 2!

Fall leaf fun

Reading w/ Gma L

Helping to braid a new rug

Ben set up this tea party during naptime, instead of sleeping!  Very clever though & they played this for a long time!

Me & my girls crafting: Honey Bunches is working on knitting a hat for a friend, Tweeters is finger knitting, & I'm working on the braided rug

An awesome shiner - a leaf raking casualty

Fall fun w/ our "Z" friends!

Tweeters has learned how to darn Papa J's wool socks - yippee!!

Our fall nature table

Montessori ish math - matching roman numerals with arabic numbers & the cursive words

Jam loved the sawdust & big trucks at His Ranch open house - no interest in horseback riding though ;0)

Tweeters loved the horses - and would really love to bring a pony home - been there done that!

A beeswax sculpture of Boris the Dragon :0)

Jam thought of this one on his own - tracing around the numbers & then matching them up in order

Dipping lovely fall leaves into beeswax to preserve them - gorgeous!

One of the trees we collected leaves from :0)


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