September 2014

Crazy garden! Sweet potatoes & beans on the left, strawberries on the right, cucumber tunnel back right, and corn, beans & squash back left (the "3 sisters" - Josie & Ben planted this bed & tended it.
Cousin GJ gearing up for 6th grade football with Uncle S & Aunt T

The haircut.  Wah.

Me on the map geography activity...

Started big, w/ the world, then N. America, then the U.S. then our state, neighborhood, house & Tweeters - all stacked by size & 3 hole punched for review.

My girls enjoying one of the last lake days!

My boys 4-wheelin'

The many faces of Jam

New skeleton guy to put together - with squishy parts!!

Papa J & Tweeters found this monster caterpillar in the road!

Violin at the park :0)  It was picture day for the big concert!

Squishing grapes to make juice, yummy & tart

Had a wee bit o' rain - where's the beach??!

Beginnings of learning to read music....almost looks like decimal street from Math U See!

Yes, we are slightly obsessed.

And yes, we do have a Clearplay filter - otherwise we would NOT be able to watch & be obsessed with this show.  Waiting for season 4 to come out in February is SO spoilers on season 4 or 5 please!!

Jam at Countryside - building houses for the fuzzy caterpillars w/ his pals

Tweeters enjoying the muddy creek at Countryside

Heritage Festival w/ Gma L - one of the 2 houses that Gpa L restored this summer!  SO cool!

Jam was obsessed with the bone grinder at the general store

We brought home a mermaid...

A stilt walker....

...and a tiger!!
Field trip with homeschool group to a dairy farm - this is the cow carousel!
out of order, candle dipping at Heritage Festival

back to dairy farm - lots of baby goats! 

Uncle S, Aunt T, M, G & N


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