November 2014 so far!

Ben at one of our Countryside playdays

Got string swings to hang our violins finally

Baby belly henna by Honey Bunches :0)

So much hard work going on!  Jam washed a sink of dishes & Tweeters was chopping something for dinner!

Girls day out!!

Yes, my big grown up children still make living room tents....

and we play cards inside!!

I think Flash won!

Some cool remnants of play - jenga blocks used as parking places for lots of matchbox cars...

Martinmas lantern walk - a day early b/c it was so nice & warm & the next day we were supposed to have really bad weather!

Honey Bunches helping I & E make their Martinmas lanterns :0)

Some of my lost boys, love 'em

Wow!  New golf cart to zoom around the lake!  Soooo  cool!!!  Thank you Gma & Gpa L & Uncle V!!

Happy Bday Gma L!

Tweeter's first suzuki violin concert, so beautiful

Front row, center :0)

First day of history studies!  Jubal & Tubal Cain

Some chalkboard art

Flash painting w/ his mouth!

Mama & Papa J getting in on the art lesson!

Honey Bunches taught us about some handicap artists who use their mouths or even toes to paint!  We all had a go - and it is NOT easy!

Some math u see meets montessori math

Tweeters had a great time at GD's sister's wedding!

And so did Flash - what a fun smile :0)

My girls dancin'

Jam snugglin' with Gpa L

We got to see cousin Em & new baby A!

Fun night out w/ Gma L on her bday :0)


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