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July, finally!

Love those bachelor buttons

A bit of 1st grade work...Tweeters is working on cursive this year!

Inspired by the Art Faire in June, both littles wanted to do one of their own!

Jam painted w/ cars

Starry Night (see book on left?) impressions

And we framed the ones that were for sale & hung them in front of the house!  Tweeters made like $9 over the weekend, but Jam didn't want to sell his ;0)

Water color

The always awesome fireworks display, right outside our front door over the lake!  See Jam's ear protection?  Just like big bro....

Some friends bought an extra child's kayak & Tweeters LOVES borrowing it!

Cutie cowboy

And he loves doing dishes!  Yes, he is wearing his sister's smock....

Cleaning our art table w/ shaving cream!

Flash has been working in the gardens of a man who sells at the farmer's markets - and he brings home so much yummy produce!

Here we are stuffing our faces w/ those yellow tomatoes!

Yeah, she just ate a jalepeno out of our garden...

We're a bit weird.

But sometimes we look normal.

Panera for lunch....she stuffed the mac & cheese into the bread?!

Gma & Gpa J are building a house nearby, and we visited this fantastic dirt pile every day!  Sometimes w/ big trucks & diggers, but often just the dirt.

Thank goodness for playclothes!

And a flashback to Honey Bunches & Flash on a dirt pile next door when they were little!!  They are the ones in the middle.

And one more flashback to HB & Flash just because they are so darn cute.  Jam can wear the suit now, so weird!

I took a last minute train trip to Chicago to meet HB - she had been in Michigan for like 6 weeks & I was missing her!

No shoes?

Cousin GJ came to swim one day - such a big boy now!

Gpa J reading w/ Jam

Learning about circuits w/ a jr. snap circuit set - Tweeters can read the diagrams & put them together!

Jam turned 4 this year!  We counted down the last week by popping a balloon each day & eating the candies inside ;0)

Lotsa Picasso Tile love - of course the Cars cars moved in

Ahh, this is the life....we spend almost every day at the lake....

A shorty tightrope, great for balance esp. since the trampoline is dead!

Painting peg people on a rainy day....Flash & Papa J were in N. Dakota building an earthship house for a week, and HB was still in Michigan

Here's Paul, from the Jesus Storybook Bible

Painting princesses

Jam's birthday betta - no name still.  See those adorable curly locks??  They are all cut off now but they are so cute!

Happy Birthday to "Charlie", too!  He & Jam share the same bday :0)  He made an awesome cake to match his awesome shield, and came over for dinner w/ me, the littles & Gma & Gpa J.  Such a sweetie boy, love him like one of my own!

A prek playday at the beach - finally some GIRLS to play with!

Traveled a short distance to spend the day at an LDS community - so fun!  Like a mini-Williamsburg, Va.

Making rope - and we got to take it home!

HB & the kitten she brought home from Michigan.  Just what we need, right?
September coming soon!


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