October 2017 - Montana!!

Spearfish, Wyoming, on our way to see Abbie & James in Montana!!
Co-op classes with TEACH

House in Bozeman before Eva & Jack's wedding....so close to the mountains & so beautiful

My people

Ben, gopher hunting

Betty Boop making pancakes in her sweet kitchen!

Hiking on the rims, Billings

Custer State Park, so gorgeous! James taught Ben & Josie how to fish for trout - and Ben caught one!  He cooked it for dinner, too ;0)

Pictograph Caves

Our gorgeous grown up girl!

Drove through the amazing Badlands

Random pic of Mom & Dad's beautiful flowers & a rainbow

Spelunking (sp?) in Devil's Icebox (Missouri)

Rock Bridge at Rock Bridge State Park

Hiking behind our house

Blue Heron Orchard, one of our favorite local places of all time

Free swap was at the Kroc Center this year - great venue & a great turnout!


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