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Summer Fun

Honey Bunches (Abbie!) was here for a visit in June - we miss James but someone has to work ;0)  It was heavenly to have all the chicks under my wings again....and see those yellow boots? They've been worn by all of our children!

Blue tailed skink - tail intact - which is hard to do when catching these guys!

All the floaties

We didn't get Abbie's hubby this visit, but we did get two of his brothers!  Ray & Elijah drove down for a visit to see all their Quincy pals

Countryside Playschool fun & learning

Taking after big brother - talented toes tying a bow tie

We realy have a fantastic group at Countryside - I am loving getting to know each of them! It's also been a joy to work with Zach & Julia :0)


Abbie enjoying the wilds of Montana

And there's our James!

Sword fighting 101

Making window stars at Countryside


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