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Chalk is my new favorite!

Chalk is so easy to blend & beautiful to work with

Other than the obnoxious Raisin Bran box, a lovely picture! This one reads constantly - and loves to reread favorites.  This is the Grade 5 Pathway Reader.  She just finished Little Women so we're on the lookout for Little Men.

Ooops this is sideways, but anyway, our watercolor lesson from a couple of weeks ago - the liquid watercolor wasn't as strong as I would have liked so we went with the cakes.

Summer is here!


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Of course, we relished the 3 days per week that Papa J was home - and every beach day!

Where have we been??

Oh, just marrying off our two oldest!  Crazy, I know.  But great things can come from great homeschool groups + home church ;0)  I promise I'll update here more often, but if you want more pictures & more consistency, check out mamj41 on Instagram (that's me! but no, I'm haven't been 41 for a few years now ha ha).
Thanks & see you soon!

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