Back to Countryside Playschool 2014

First day back - what a great group!

The playground arrived - but we do need to wait for the ground to thaw before it goes in - exciting though!!

oh, random pic here of James reading Uncle Remus stories to Tweeters & Jam - he was here a few weeks in December to visit & we miss him already....

Tweeters building with blocks...

Jam (left) mixing colored water

Tweeters has a new friend, Kian.  He's really sweet!

Jam really loves these magnatiles that Isaac brought to share

Found these at Big Lots for $1 (down from $10!) - a bit stale but fun to decorate!

We also decorated gingerbread houses using graham crackers & peanut butter & fruit (I was trying to be somewhat healthy!)

LOVE this pic of Ezra!

Lots of Princess play this week :0)

We did the days of creation on our first day back, and this last week Tweeters was seeing who remembered!  She helped to make the cards w/ our regular Godly Play lessons at home, so she knows them pretty well.  She even remembered "firmament"!

And, we now have this lovely sign outside our door!  I feel so official!


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