Friday, June 12, 2020

June 2020

Aaaaand we're back! I'm learning to use a Mac so everything is are scrambled everywhere but here are a couple that actually loaded! 

We're settling in to Florida life - winter is like spring & fall, and summer is basically like summer in Missouri with more rain. But it's cozy rain! It rains for maybe an hour in the afternoons, 3-4 times per week, then it's sunny & beautiful again. My health is also so much better here. Brent is happy to not have any yard or outside housework, and inside maintainance is pretty basic. We love the community pool & living right on the river, close to downtown, & 45 min to 1 hour from all the best beaches! We enjoy kayaking, climbing in the mangroves, biking in the neighborhood & on dirt trails, and getting together with other homeschool families. We've met some wonderful friends here, but also look forward to seeing our old friends again.

Zach & Julia with our grandbaby Techiya!!!  Road trip to see them very soon - gonna camp along the way & soak up the sights then camp when we get there. Goal is to spend as little money as possible while spending as much TIME as possible with our people :0)

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Sorry for the silence here - but we've moved!

A lot has happened in the past 6 are a few highlights!

I became a puppy grandma - meet Finn!  Abbie & James are very proud puppy parents :0)

Dinner by the ocean after a day at the beach with Gma & Gpa L!!

Beach time is a regular thing....we've trying out a lot of different ones!  This is in Sarasota about an hour from our house.

Love these amazing people so so so much....

Malachi learned to ride a 2 wheel bike on his 4th birthday! Thank you balance bike!

I became a great-auntie!  Thank you Nathan & Betsy - can't wait to meet your little bundle of cuteness!

Another incredible beach - this one completely private except for the dear friends who invited us to join them here

We miss you, Gma J. We love you more.

Keeping this in mind....

Yes! Those are the wee toes of our first grandbaby!!!  Can't wait to meet you precious wee one!!  Zach & Julia are expecting in August!!

We've joined the Wild + Free Myakka group here & are loving our time together

It's been a smooth transition - strange & amazing how it all happened so quickly! God's hand was on every decision and is continuing to guide us as we settle in & figure out what's next. 

Friday, January 25, 2019

December 2018

Tinkercrate smiles

Finding critters

Inspired by Snowflake Bentley

So cold. Boot skating on the lake

Never a boring day at prek/co op!

More creating....Ben spent about 6 hours one day working on this!

Making friends in Florida....headed south Dec. 19 this year!

Happy 50th Birthday to this handsome man!

Fav. winter view




Peter Pan

Next to the house

still having beach days

Waldorfish geometry gr 5

Covering up the bold colors at the flipper house

E for eggs

Josie's reading & seeds for Botany study

November 2018

 Lots of work on the Hannibal flip house!

Field trip with co op


Malachi's prek shelves at home

Fall hike

See our house up there?! Love this wildness....

In the summer we live in a jungle treehouse - in the winter it's more like Hoth😂

Waldorfish online 5th grade geometry course

Belt test - breaking a board!

Wild & Free group hike behind John Wood Community College - it was super cold but we had fun!

Jack, Eva & baby Sedona visited from Montana!

More hiking behind the house

Inspired by The Hunts....the Jarvis family band!

Everyone pitching in to help finish the remodel in Hannibal

Thanksgiving with cousins

Just hanging at home....I love a full kitchen

All 9 of us!

Stories after dinner with Grandma & Grandpa J

more Denver cousin time

Mac was so proud after helping me fold the laundry!

Always inventing....
Enjoying the snow at co op/prek

Getting a close up look at insects at prek

June 2020

Aaaaand we're back! I'm learning to use a Mac so everything is are scrambled everywhere but here are a couple...